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Solutions to Common Problems While Using the CPS Parcel Locator

Problems Tracking UPS Mail Innovations Packages - UPS Mail Innovations packages use both UPS and the US Postal Service for delivery.  If you track an UPS Mail Innovations package and there is no information found the UPS tracking site.  Change the carrier to the US Postal Service and try tracking it again.

Other Issues - To be able to use the CPS Parcel Locator you will need to have certain browser and security services set up and working properly.  The following are the most common areas that need to be adjusted when things to not function properly.

Pop-Up Blockers - The web sites used by the CPS Parcel Locator must be set to allow pop-ups.  This does not mean that you need to turn your pop-up blocker off for all web sites, it just means that you need to add our web sites to your allowed sites for pop-ups.  We do not use pop-ups for advertising but we do use them for tracking.  This is usually done at your browser's Internet Options in the Privacy section but can also be part of security software settings.

Anti-phishing Filters - Many security programs filter information passed to unknown web sites.  This can stop tracking information from being loaded to our web pages or slow down the process.  To determine if this is the case, if the page works after you press the Refresh button, you more than likely are having phishing filter issues.  To keep this from happening you need to add the web site we use to your security software's privacy protection approved list for passing information.  We do not collect money or any personal information at our tracking sites.

JavaScript and JScript Filters - The CPS Parcel Locator uses JavaScript to process your requests.  This must be not be turn off in you browser's Internet Option Advanced Settings.

URL Blockers - Your security software and your network must allow access to all of the web sites used by the CPS Parcel Locator.

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